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About us

Jinghua Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 and updated its production equipment and replaced a larger factory building in 2020. Going to the market with a new look, our company focuses on one-stop services for semi-finished products such as PCB circuit boards, component procurement, SMT chip processing, and DIP plug-ins. Positioned as a "professional and fast multi-variety batch one-stop service provider".

We aslo provide OEM and ODM service. We have our own PCB and PCBA factories, Full range of in house surface process lines can largely reduce outsource risk, Compared with our competitors, this gives us advantages in terms of cost, quality control and shorter delivery times.

Geographical advantage

Jinghua is located in the Shenzhen international exhibition center.

Organizational structure
Enterprise culture
Lead business progress and create a better life
Not only must the company's products and services be favored and loved by customers, the company's performance will reassure and satisfy shareholders, and the company's cultural atmosphere will make employees happy and proud, but also to actively perform social responsibilities and be loved, recognized and appreciated by the public.
Honest and trustworthy, performance-oriented, people-oriented, innovative development.
Development concept
Be solid, stronger, bigger, better.
Enterprise spirit
Pragmatic, professional, collaborative, dedication.